Nothing annoys potential customers more than looking in the mailbox – whether it be physical or digital – and seeing it overflowing with generic, impersonal “junk mail” that’s not relevant.

Not only can direct mail be costly in terms of printing, processing, sending and distribution, it can also add additional costs in the way of damage to your brand if you get it wrong.

Exploring the importance of personalisation

One of the most successful advertising campaigns in the past decade for Coca-Cola worldwide, was that of the “Share a Coke with…” campaign. The idea was that people could have their own, or any name, printed onto their bottle of drink and sales spiked dramatically.

In the case of Coca-Cola’s successful advertising campaign nothing changed regarding the product, the bottle was still the same, the price in many cases was actually slightly more, as people needed to purchase a certain pack size or pay a fee to get their name printed. The success of the campaign came down to personalisation.

Personalisation is the key to the success of direct marketing every time. Having personalised mail that outlines details, offers, and personalised information that the consumer – or receiver – genuinely is interested in hearing about, is one of the critical success factors in any company marketing campaign.

Google and Facebook have made billions of dollars by providing personalised experiences, searches and advertising, that is tailored to individual habits and previous history (remarketing), so why should your direct mail be any different?

Furthermore, having personalised correspondence that is addressed to the recipient, very much improves the chance of your recipient opening it and reading what you have sent, and not merely throwing it out with the “junk mail”.

Get up to speed with data segmentation

Another critical area to consider for your direct mail campaign is data segmentation. This process is vital in the personalisation process of your direct marketing activities, as you need to ensure you are speaking to the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

Data segmentation is a potent tool that if used correctly, can save time, money and grow your company’s baseline impact exponentially.

Through the use of effective data segmentation and targeting, your company can increase the personalisation, resulting in greater engagement and the likelihood of customer action on the item sent.

For example, if you are sending out a marketing communication to women between the ages of 18–45 about a new swimwear range available across Australia, segmenting the available databases to ensure your direct mail catalogue or promotional offer only reaches homes that meet that criteria, is essential to get the best ROI.

Having the mail personally addressed to the potential customer that fits that description in the lead up to the summer season will increase engagement and, hopefully, your desired customers will purchase sooner.

Get your company’s personalisation and data segmentation right with First Class Consulting & Mailing

Many companies talk about personalisation and data segmentation, however, it is essential to engage a direct mail expert to ensure your campaigns are working and achieving your company goals and objectives.

If you’re looking to make an impact with your customers and offer a personal touch to your direct mail and printed communications, speak to the expert team at First Class Consulting & Mailing today, for direct marketing options that are designed to segment, personalise and perform.

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