One of the most popular marketing tactics since marketing was invented has always been sale by sample. Allowing customers to touch, feel, experience and enjoy the benefits of your product or service offering, without having them financially commit, samples are an effective way to move customers from a cold lead through to a warm lead or converted sale.

We’ve all walked through shopping centres around Australia and been approached by salespeople with samples of cakes from a cafe, skincare products from a pop-up store, or even department store sales assistants offering samples of a new perfume or cologne – these are all examples of sale by sample tactics.

It is all part of the experiential marketing process, having customers experience your product within your marketing funnel to move them down the line and toward becoming financially committed.

Technology has made our lives easier. How we communicate, do business, shop, and find out information are all improved, however, technology has removed many of the interactions potential customers and marketers once enjoyed.

Where once we went to the grocery store, the butcher, the green grocer and the bakery, we now shop online and have it delivered without ever speaking to a human – removing a valuable and integral part in the sale chain.

Think of the services that your business couldn’t do without – for business, this can be Xerox, Salesforce or even Microsoft Office. How often does your business sit down with your account executive from each one of those companies with a cup of coffee and talk about your business? Never.

So, why should your customers give you the time of day in their busy schedule unless they have seen or experienced the solution that you can provide them first hand? This is the world we live in today.

Thankfully there is a solution – Sample Post

Australia Post created Sample Post to give your customers the opportunity to experience your products first hand in a world where the door is often closed. Offering targeting by demographic or geographic areas, businesses can benefit from a low-cost mail option that delivers samples right into the homes your organisation is trying to convert into customers.

Allowing your customers to ‘try before they buy’ is an exceptional way to incrementally grow your business and get inside the home of your consumer.

Of course, there are a range of processes, checks and balances that you will need to go through to be eligible for the Sample Post marketing solution. Steps include providing example samples, inner and outer packaging, as well as potential packaging that is specific to your sample to confirm if your business is eligible for the Sample Post solution. Then there are targeted marketing materials, content and messaging to consider, ensuring the sample provided is converting potential new customers for your business.

When looking into Sample Post, it is always better working with a direct marketing specialist and Australia Post partner such as FCCM, who understand everything that is required to expertly execute your sampling program and to ensure your marketing program is designed for success.

Contact the FCCM team today to discuss how Sample Post could help your business achieve the growth you’re looking for. Visit, email or call 03 9553 2888.